Our Practice

Relieve Physio Is For Everyone Who Wants To Function Better!

At Relieve Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic, we want our clients to enjoy their best lives. That’s why we incorporate traditional physical therapy methods with advanced treatment technology. It is our goal to have you increase mobility so you can enjoy whatever you like to do in your daily life.

Our treatment focus is on your total body wellness and NATURAL HEALING methods. Our treatment goal is to team with you toward increased mobility with reduced
pain by applying our client centered ONE ON ONE PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENT tailored to your goals.

Client Education

We will explain your condition using anatomical models. Our therapists are available to answer your questions.

Proven Assessment Methods

Our practitioners use research based assessment methods and technology to determine the problem and/or injury.

Customized Cutting-Edge Treatment Plans

After a thorough assessment, we will design a customized physiotherapy treatment plans to align with your GOALS