Manipulation / Mobilization

Manipulations and mobilizations are manual techniques used to physically affect a joint. If you are feeling joint pain or stiffness your physiotherapist may decide that manipulations or mobilizations are the best course of treatment.

There are a wide range of techniques that can be used to move a joint to increase its range of motion.

How does manipulation/mobilization help?

Manipulations and mobilizations get the joint moving. This often takes place with the individual in a relaxed position. This allows the physiotherapist to move the joint within the desired range. This will achieve movement of the joint that would not be possible by the patient alone due to pain. The manipulation or mobilization gets the joint moving which can:

Reduce stiffness

Reduce pain

Increase range of motion

Increase function

What injuries benefits from manipulation/mobilization?

Back pain

Neck pain

Reduced range of motion

Joint stiffness