Shockwave Therapy

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Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy seems to work faster when it is combined with active physiotherapy and manual muscle treatments. It improves blood flow.

How does shock wave work?

  1. Pain relief

Faster pain relief and immediate regain of mobility. Quick results and also long-lasting for years.

  1. Regulate inflammation

Blood flow stimulation causes minor inflammation. Reduces painful inflammations and naturally heals those inflammations after treatment.

  1. Promote Regeneration

Promotes cell regeneration by the stimulation of stem cells. Improves healing and repairs tissues.

  1. Increase blood flow

It enhances blood flow which speeds up the healing process.

  1. Remove scars

Improved blood circulation to the wound results in the breakdown of fibrous scar cells. Safe and highly efficient scar removal technique.

  1. Release tense muscles

It can reduce pains in bones, muscles, joints, tendons etc. It eliminates tight muscles and releases muscle spasms.

Shockwave Therapy has two types:

  1. Radial pressure wave (RPWs) – Radial pressure waves use ultrasound technology and send high-energy radial pressure waves to the part of the injury. It usually enhances cell growth. Used for treatment of muscle knots, joint pains etc.


  1. Extracorporeal / Focus Shockwave – It is the actual shockwave therapy which involves the delivery of shockwaves to the injured tissues to improve healing and reduce pain. Effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

How effective is shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy is a clinically proven technique to reduce pain and improves the healing procedure of injuries. It has a high success rate when compared to other similar healing techniques. It is absolutely safe, and the majority of patients are enjoying the better results of shockwave therapy as it may even replace surgeries in certain musculoskeletal disorders.

Successful Treatments Get You Moving Pain-free!

Shockwave therapy is the most advanced healing technique, which is highly efficient and safe for treating acute and persistent/chronic pain. Most patients are getting results within one or two months, and it can be effectively used for healing conditions like tennis elbow, tendinitis, golfer’s elbow, jumper’s knee and many more.


Highly effective in reducing acute pain and chronic pain


After many clinical trials, proven safe shockwave treatments have given excellent results to numerous patients


High energy waves are used for treatments and hence can be considered as powerful among other related treatments available

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